AvenueK9 BuddyPress Theme

BuddyPack Light, a set of child themes for BuddyPress 1.2, is available for download here.

It’s finally done. The first incarnation of AvenueK9’s BuddyPress theme is hot off the keyboard and available for download/hackery. It’s far from perfect… and just before I started styling the BP home theme, I already started getting ideas for a newer, fancier theme. Eh. So what’s this got that the other ones don’t? A fixed width. I know that concept is rather vomit-inducing, but I really wanted to focus on continuity between AvenueK9.com and its *VIP* section. That included maintaining the container width sitewide. Since that site was optimized for those old, crappy 1024×768 monitors, the 980-pixel-wide design was carried over to theme its BP counterpart. Other changes include some switched content — mainly the masthead/logo, main navigation, login section and search box. Enjoy!

Download AveK9 BuddyPress theme

Download AvenueK9 BuddyPress theme