my BuddyPress site finally launched…

if you like dogs, you’ll appreciate the niche in which BP was used to create the latest add-on for Log onto and “join the pack,” as we say. if you’re on Facebook, you’re already a member. Accompanying post is here…

If you like the BP theme, you can download it on the official BP site —


  • Ivan says:

    hi, Mike! awesome community) how you made a facebook connect?

  • mike says:

    Thanks Ivan =) It’s actually just a BP plugin. You can just go to Plugins >> Add New >> search for Facebook Connect and install

  • Mat_ says:

    Hi Mike and great community/theme !

    Do you plan on releasing your theme based on the new theme architecture ?

    Thanks !

  • mike says:

    Yes I do! I’m just waiting on the official BP 1.1 release with the new theme structure so that I can check out the framework and default theme structure =)

  • Mat_ says:

    Great news !
    I will wait for it 🙂
    And by the way, your site need a plugin to follow the comment in an easier way 😉

  • mike says:

    ah, yes. i switched themes and it looks like this woo one doesn’t support comment subscriptions =( might have to switch back to the plain black and white one =P

  • Vanessa S. says:

    Hello there,
    I installed the K9 theme, but when i click on user profiles and such i get sorry that page wasnt found. How is it that i can get the user profiles to work?

  • mike says:

    So I just took a gander at your site and I’m not sure if your current set-up will work with BP. It looks like you’re running it in a subdirectory of a subdomain. Ideally, you’d want to have that in the root. I’m actually pretty lucky to have it running on my subdomain at all, but if you have any other WP/WPMU installs on your domain, they are most likely conflicting with each other.

  • mark says:

    This is so awesome that there is a Facebook themes.. 🙂 for buddypress

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