A Walk Down Memory Lane

Growing up in the vibrant 80s, I fell in love with Back to the Future and rocked out to my trusty Walkman. I was a tech-savvy kid and taught myself how to write HTML, building my first Geocities website while still in high school.

As I got older, I taught myself how to write CSS and learned all about web hosting … on a budget. I went on to study journalism in college and even became the editor of the student newspaper, while also figuring out how to customize my MySpace profile into oblivion.

Then came the real challenge: learning how not to over-cook chicken. I mean, it’s not easy. But I persevered, and eventually, I became head griller at casa de Kuhlmann.

But let’s not forget about my career. After college, I started as a print designer, creating all kinds of brochures about lean six sigma, process improvement, and change management. But deep down, I knew that my true calling wasn’t in ToFU, MoFU, BoFu or even forming, storming and norming, so I made the switch to all things design related and built a ton of sites, while learning about the ins and outs of marketing.

And then came the next real challenge: Crossing the chasm into parenthood by becoming a father to two beautiful girls and learning all about the 5’s. You know, the five S’s for soothing a crying baby: swaddling, side/stomach, shushing, swinging, and sucking. I became a pro at that, too.

Nowadays, I feel like an Uber driver, shuffling my girls to their many activities. But I still love grilling and have even mastered the art of cooking salmon (most of the time). And my career? Well, after starting as a print designer, I switched gears to product and UX design, having worked for startups and SaaS apps in the publication, health, and education sectors over the course of nearly two decades in the digital realm, before returning to the media sector by joining an advertising SaaS app.

So, that’s me. A tech-savvy, chicken-cooking, baby-soothing, Uber-driving dad who loves Back to the Future and, occasionally, grilling meat.