Cookin up a new BuddyPress theme

So I’ve been tinkering with the default theme and came up with this. It’s just another simple rework of Andy’s *awesome* BP 1.0 theme, but it’s got a fixed width, some switched content and the color scheme. This was also my first attempt at trying to customize a BuddyPress theme, which wasn’t all too hard. Granted, I didn’t read up on the docs for the proper ways of customizing, so my approach may be entirely wrong — especially, since I read the contents of the custom-sample.css file a bit too late — but it still works. If you want to know how to style a BP theme, it’s dead simple: copy the default theme, change the description of the style.css file, customize, upload, switch theme. Done. Down the road, I’m planning on creating something more unique/fancy/ajax-y, since the Skeleton theme is a great blank canvas to start off with.

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  1. cool! keep up the good work!

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