First BuddyPass Poll

A few words before you jump into this poll… the idea behind BuddyPass and BuddyPack can be likened to a clothing store’s fresh line-up vs. its outlet store. You guys are getting the items models strut with on a runway, and you get to work with the tailor. That’s why there’s a paywall to get the latest and greatest BuddyPack themes. The vast majority will want to wait for the cheaper/free and outdated stuff, which they’re completely entitled to, but they usually also have to wait two or three seasons to jump in on that deal.

What I’m trying to figure out is what is fair to them and you? Initially, I wasn’t even considering releasing a theme like Gates to the general public till about 6 months to a year, but maybe you have different thoughts about that, hence, the quick poll. It’ll give us a nice visual of what everybody here thinks — majority rules — but if you feel inclined to elaborate more on your vote, you can always leave a comment, too =)