When Fragments Form The Whole

On any given day at any given time, my head will think of a million things I’d love to create; it’s like having OCD creativity, if such a thing existed. They range from music production to video production, wood work, gardening, coding, designing and cooking… usually. Lots of fun topics. What I’ve come to realize is that in Your Life As A Gantt Chart, it’s often easier to just take many stabs at all these creative outlets, even if they just produce fragments initially.

There are so many things I started eons ago that have resurfaced again recently and, in addition to reminisce about the initial creative stages of whatever I was working on, it’s just fun to flesh it out, to give it a second life. It’s the whole long-term game, that proverbial marathon where your mental state is just in continuous overdrive to produce something. And when those fragments begin to form a whole, that’s when you realize that starting many things at the same time isn’t such a bad idea.