Cross-Content Pollination

Here’s a simple, old tip for you amazeballs guys and gals in the blogosphere to drive up traffic: interlink all your content. Do you have a post about cooking spaghetti and another one about lasagna? No? Well, then go write them and come back to this post, ha! Kidding.

This is a fairly easy tactic, albeit one easily forgetful tactic, that I carry out all the time. Let’s go back to that example up above and let’s pretend that you actually have two pieces of content with one common denominator: pasta. If you have some type of step-by-step tutorial where you outline to “boil pasta according to box directions,” you’d simply link that up to your other post. No need to create some interstitial boxed link or “see also XYY” language sandwiched in between paragraphs. Just link up that one thing that one posts has in common with another and the human nature of curiosity will take care of the rest.