Lipstick On A Pig

There’s no such thing as 100% great work 100% of the time, unless you live to work and don’t have a social life (IRL). So you choose your battles and, sometimes, your work is amazeballs and sometimes it’s not; in fact, that becomes your pig, your swine, your hog. Porky may need a bit of flair to transform it from average to good but, in general, that lipstip ain’t gonna do a whole lot! And that is okay.

At some point, you’ll become so busy with so many things that you’ll encounter two options: obsess about imperfections or keep chugging along. The latter will get you stuck in a rut. “The devil is in the details” goes the adage. It’s quicksand, and it’s real. Self-criticism isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if there’s a means to an end. You’ve chosen your battle and lost, but as long as you’ve gotten something positive — a nugget of advice or said criticism has lead to some thought-provoking epiphany — you have another day to make up for today’s loss. Ah yes, it’s The Circle of Life. Hakuna Matata.