Fleshing Out Content

There’s this phrase called “fleshing out” you’ll inevitably run into any writing class. It roughly translates into “great start, but where’s the rest?” When you’re writing content, the easiest way to avoid getting into a creative rut is by just continuing to write, no matter if what you write is garbage. The mere act of typing out words will negate the fact that you haven’t written anything at all.

There’s a book by Guy Kawasaki called “The Art of the Start” which probably talks at length about this concept… I have no idea, because I’m merely basing my opinion on that title. It’s a great phrase and one that can pertain to writing, designing or, really, anything at all. Case in point: write something, edit later. You can always flesh out content, but if you’ve got no content at all, it’s going to be really really difficult to flesh it out.