BuddyPress vs. Elgg: Plugins/Mods

Maybe it’s just my perception of things, but it seems to me that Elgg has more working versions of its so-called mods (plugins). There are two for inviting friends, one for video management, a friend “relationship” mod and several others to make it turn into more of a MySpace/Facebook type of deal. There are a few *relatively* active mod developers. You could actually install them all and you’d be ready to go. BUT what I suspect is that the BP community will catch up faster than to Elgg in this area, because I’d assume most of the existing plugins can be ported over from WP to BP — I could be dead wrong on this. As for now, Elgg has a leg up on BP… probably not for very long though.

BuddyPress: 0
Elgg: 1

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  1. I looked at elgg and yes its a good CMS,but the bugs and lack of range of themes made me look at BP.
    Still open minded!

  2. Elgg didn’t seem too buggy to me. There were some mods that didn’t work right out of the box but, by and large, this system is pretty solid. Plus, it’s out of its beta phases.

  3. Guy Incognito Avatar
    Guy Incognito

    My big problem with Elgg is theming (major PITA is you want to do more than just change colors and backgrounds) and usability. The usability is really bad. I’m trying to make it more usable by hacking in my own navigation… but since many of the mods act differently (some default to side-wide resources… some default to profile-specific resources)… I would have to do a lot of hacking / over-riding to emulate the usability of BuddyPress. Elgg is so much more feature-rich though. It has everything available right now. But if they want to have a chance of keeping up with BuddyPress (once they take off)… they absolutely have to do a complete re-think and overhaul of both the usability and the theming process.

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