Hard Candy

We start out with one of my favorite Groove Armada tracks (that almost made it to the Lounge Lizard playlist instead, had it not been for the fast tempo), then progress to some soulful Errol Reid and Ellie Goulding before picking up with the rest of the line-up. If this playlist were candy, I’d probably equate it to an apple-flavored Jolly Rancher — a sweet lip pucker that’s definitely for an acquired palette.

Electronic Novocain

Need some help falling asleep? Wait no more! I have the perfect cure for your droopy-eyed bobblehead and it’s in the form of one sleep-inducing playlist that’s laced with electronic clicks, glitches and other soothing sounds. Trust me, all you have to do is hit the play button and you’ll be in la-la-land before you know it! And you didn’t even have to spend a single dime, lucky you!

Road Trip

There are few songs that just have “Road Trip” stamped all over them. “Sweet Home Alabama” was one of them until I saw an episode of Top Gear that quickly made me cross that off the list, but I digress. This is my essential mixtape for hitting the road, the unknown, the uncharted territory. Well, not really. But I still think these songs have that ageless quality that makes me listen to them chugging along on a highway.

Lounge Lizard

Every so often, I find myself going through phases of genres. In high school, it was punk/pop rock. In college, it was trance/reggae. Now, my auditory senses seem to gravitate toward the jazzy chillout-type songs that can be generally described as “mood music,” characterized by a steady rhythmic beat and tempo you can easily daydream to or bob your head. There will definitely be a sequel to this. Enjoy.