Feeling a Pulse

Content. There’s this phase in your iterative efforts of continuous content creation where you feel like Neo; you breathe in/out your matrix of content. You know exactly what you’ve created — maybe not the exact timestamp of creation, but the general timing — and it’s at that level that you can interweave all your little pieces together. I like to think of the movie Crash as sort of an inspiration to getting these tiny little pieces out on my bloggity. Lots of fragments to form a whole, in no particular order.

When I created my own little headline-driven platform, I did so out of pure frustration in gathering all relevant bits and pieces of information about the tiny little town I live in that’s home to, currently, about 80,000 or so Folsomites. When I analyzed the data, I took a risk and just said to myself, “if this works out it’s going to work in other cities” and, eventually, across other topics. It’s funny to think that, in the beginning, all these sites were just fragments — all calculated risks that were worth the effort in getting launched — and looking at the data now, it makes me grin. I’ve got a pulse on my content.