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Here’s a sampling of my latest work, my on-goings in the digital realm. Behold the digital awesomesauce, or read my blog instead.


Product Design + UX/UI

Formula: Take the power of WooCommerce, cater it towards musicians, and empower them to sell stems and tracks at their own prices. EDM ZOO used the popular e-commerce platform to help artists sell their tracks and stems. BuddyPress was integrated to further enhance the social aspects of the EDM community.

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Glossy Press

Product Design + UX/UI

Formula: Take your content and refurbish it in an easily digestible, glossy format. Glossy Press is a tool that powers more than a dozen media outlets around the nation. Headlines from around each location are scoured through the web, funneled through this site and an occasional sprinkling of related social media posts to keep things interesting. Although the bulk of sites running on Glossy Press are location-based, it also services sites based on niche topics like MMA, OCR and politics.

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Glossy Hooks

Product Design + UX/UI

Formula: Take something as complex as a song, break it down into various elements, and glue it back together through a fun, simple user-interface. Glossy Hooks is a music blog that gives songs a second life (and listen) by promoting it via a giphy. Each song is scrupulously analyzed for rhythm, key, tempo, lyrics and mood to match it up with an animated gif to send listeners down the proverbial rabbit hole.

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The Press Enquirer

Brand Strategy

Formula: Take news headline, reformat them, and multiply the form factor throughout various expanding industries. The Press Enquirer is the encompassing brand that houses the majority of the media sites powered by Glossy Press. Endless amounts of research went into the various locations and topics that The Press Enquirer covers, looking from consumer behavior reports, to income levels and political leanings.

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Promises Treatment Centers

UX/UI Development

Formula: Build missing relationships throughout all the segmented content to make it sense to your grandma. Promises Treatment Centers, a multi-million-dollar entity within the behavioral health industry, needed a mobile-first facelift, where potential clients could easily navigate around the large web of cross-directional content that included treatment locations, therapies, programs and resource articles.

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