How to Create a Vector-based QR Code for Print Production If you want high-resolution QR Codes for your print material, you’ll be out of luck (for now). Search for any QR Code generator and you’ll only be presented with a range of sizes from small to unusable. Just try to imagine how pixelated a QR code image that’s about the size of your palm on […]
How to customize the BuddyPress admin bar When I re-designed AvenueK9.com, I didn’t want to have the default BuddyPress admin bar displayed like the one below. And when WordPress 3.1 shipped out with the its own admin bar (below), I didn’t want that either! Both are very useful, but when your only focus is to design something that doesn’t look so out-of-the-box, […]

How to add a Custom Menu into your BP theme Please note: By adding using a Custom Menu in your BP theme, you will have to re-create all the links (ie. Activity/Forum/Blog/etc.)! Before you begin, make sure you are running the latest BuddyPress / WordPress versions and that everything works properly. PLUS, keep a backup of everything just in case something goes south. This tutorial […]
How to display Activity Stream in BuddyPress First, be sure that you’ve got both WP/WPMU and BuddyPress installed properly. Then, to display the Activity news feed on the homepage of your BuddyPress installation, go into the Dashboard, then Settings and click on the Reading sub-menu link. Once there, select Activity Stream from the dropdown menu for the Front page display settings and […]