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EDM ZOO | E-Commerce App

EDM ZOO was an online music catalog where musicians could upload music stems and set their own prices. The interface included a collection of custom iconography to denote stem types and sound moods, as well as a clean and simple checkout process.

Glossy Hooks | Music App

Glossy Hooks started out as a follow-up to EDM ZOO, where I approached more than 100 musicians to match gifs with their songs. The response was overwhelmingly positive with many of them giving me incredible kudos for starting such a wild and ambitious project.

Press Enquirer | News App

Seeing the positive feedback of Glossy Hooks, The Press Enquirer became an offshoot of the codebase and was then later revamped to cater strictly to becoming a news aggregator, pulling in various contents for various cities and counties around the United States. It’s now used by some 10,000-plus users each month.

Promises Treatment Centers | Backend UI

Promises Treatment Centers (PTC) was in dire need of a UX/UI revamp, from both the front- and backend. Site visitor would often get lost trying to navigate the site, in figuring out how to receive treatment for their various addictions. Additionally, content producers would often feel lost on how to update the site through the backend. Both went through extreme revisions and the results spoke volumes, as well, seeing how conversions increased and the engineering backlog decreased.

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