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Made for Headline Readers

Full of attitude, The Press Enquirer is a content aggregator that’s powering news across nearly all U.S. states and a large variety of niche topics like mixed martial arts and obstacle course running. It’s still early days, but growth has been steady over the past year and there’s no slowing down. People just love their headlines.

Client: The Press Enquirer
Date: 2015-10-08
Services: Website Design, UX


Fake News. It was at the forefront of the 2016 Presidential Election and has since not winded down one bit for headline readers.

As a former journalist, one of my main frustrations was scanning through news(y) headlines and then immediately thinking how slanted they sounded. Add to the fact that Facebook was in no better shape than to reinforce the echo chamber, in whichever camp you belonged, and the end-result is that news lost its authority, authenticity and objectivity. The Press Enquirer is a new approach to the onslaught of headlines by stripping out all the essentials and providing readers with some intuitive experiences to rate stories.


The Press Enquirer started out as Folsom Press, the city in which I moved to a few years back. It was difficult to find relevant news, so I built my own aggregator.

After noticing that Folsom Press gained some steady traction, I wondered if the stripped format worked in other cities, so I added more. And more. And more. Eventually, I wondered if it worked across different non-location-based verticals like obstacle course running or blockchain. Turns out, those drew in readers, as well. All that was left was to glue them together with some fun user interactions and, voila, we’ve got a new press aggregator called The Press Enquirer.

The Press Enquirer
The Press Enquirer