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The working class When musicians flaunt their favorite pair of jeans in a TV spot, you know they’ve made it. Until that time, however, they’re usually struggling to book shows, make this month’s rent or car payments and balance rehearsal time with a day job. Consider this: A live show only brings in $300 per band member. And […]
Alagia has a sound system for producing stars Georgetown graduates make trial motions, not hit records. Tell that to John Alagia, and he’ll laugh out loud, because he’s been the technical mastermind behind nearly a dozen hit singles. In fact, you can dub him the alt-pop answer to hip-hop magnate (and Grammy-winning recording artist) Kanye West. Both grew up in the Midwest, majored […]
How to customize BuddyPress admin bar When I re-designed, I didn’t want to have the default BuddyPress admin bar displayed like the one below. And when WordPress 3.1 shipped out with the its own admin bar (below), I didn’t want that either! Both are very useful, but when your only focus is to design something that doesn’t look so out-of-the-box, […]

Re-writing Unwritten Law Somewhere in New York, Unwritten Law’s manager is booking a bunch of press junkets. An interview with the once Poway-based band has to be scheduled nearly two weeks in advance because the group has appearances slated for Fuse, MTV and “The Tonight Show.” After having been thrown back into the limelight following a two-year hiatus, […]
Study: Graduate Education Can Result in Higher Salaries SAN DIEGO — A study reveals that graduate students can demand up to $78,000 in starting salaries compared with undergraduates earning barely half. According to Beta Research, students pursuing a masters of business administration degree with an emphasis in technology can expect these top-notch dollars. The survey, which discovered this dramatic fiscal gap, was conducted […]
BuddyPress vs. Elgg: Theming Hands down, BuddyPress is much easier on the eyes than Elgg. There’s more activity on the homepage and whatever your WP site’s theme looks like, your BP installation will just look as pretty. Elgg, on the other hand, is the ugly duckling that just won’t grow up to be the graceful swan. The whole mods/views […]

My Favorite Band: Late Night AlumniIf you haven’t heard of this band already, give them a visit at They are by far the best indie/electronic band out there. Pure awesomesauce. And Kaskade is part of the band, too! Double-awesomesauce.
Awesome video by Late Night Alumni