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BuddyPass BP 1.5+ Pre-Sale Coming Summer 2011What’s in store for this year’s BuddyPass?Support Forums! Not only will I update my four most popular BP themes on WP repo, I’ll also provide quality support in case you can’t make sense of the div soup. In the past, I’ve also helped people troubleshoot plugin conflict, whenever the stylesheets were overwriting each other. Basically, the forum will be there to prettify your site!Q: What payment methods will you accept? A: All payments will be handled through PayPal.Q: Do you take on custom work? A: It depends on the budget, scope of the project and timeframe. Please contact me through this page. While you wait for a response, be sure to check out these lovely BP posts:

How to customize your BuddyPress admin bar When I re-designed, I didn’t want to have the default BuddyPress admin bar displayed like the one below. And when WordPress 3.1 shipped out with the its own admin bar (below), I didn’t want that either! Both are very useful, but when your only focus is to design something that doesn’t look so out-of-the-box, […]
How to display Activity Stream in BuddyPress First, be sure that you’ve got both WP/WPMU and BuddyPress installed properly. Then, to display the Activity news feed on the homepage of your BuddyPress installation, go into the Dashboard, then Settings and click on the Reading sub-menu link. Once there, select Activity Stream from the dropdown menu for the Front page display settings and […]
How to add a Custom Menu into your BP theme Please note: By adding using a Custom Menu in your BP theme, you will have to re-create all the links (ie. Activity/Forum/Blog/etc.)! Before you begin, make sure you are running the latest BuddyPress / WordPress versions and that everything works properly. PLUS, keep a backup of everything just in case something goes south. This tutorial […]