Social Media for WordPress

What this book covers

Chapter 1Share it the Easy Way, introduces you to the fundamentals, misconceptions, and basic implementations of social media. You’ll also learn about some native WordPress features that drive more site engagement.

Chapter 2Building the Social Network: BuddyPress and WP Symposium, teaches you how to roll out your social media layer with BuddyPress and add game-like capabilities to help you engage your site members.

Chapter 3Community Forums for the Masses, is devoted to bbPress and BuddyPress, showing you how to automatically publish WordPress posts to Twitter using RSS feeds.

Chapter 4VIP Memberships, incorporates the social media aspect through site memberships and the concept of gamification. You’ll find out how to create category-specific content restrictions, which are applicable only to non-members.

Chapter 5Keeping Up with the Stats, implements Google Analytics to help you track your social media efforts and gauge their effectiveness.

Chapter 6Managing your Site, let’s you discover some shortcuts to managing content by showing you how to publish posts through e-mail. You’ll also learn how to back up your site to avoid a social media meltdown.

Chapter 7Beyond the Plugins Towards True Engagement, delves further into social media marketing automation by teaching you how to automatically post tweets, so you can spend more time on genuine dialogues and less time on producing relevant tweets.

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What you need for this book

As this is a book for beginners, you will only need WordPress installed on your server and an FTP client, such as FileZilla. In some cases, you may need server access, which a web-host administrator can provide you with. The activities outlined in each chapter do not require any programming skills.

Who this book is for

This book is designed for WordPress users who would like to open the social floodgates to their sites. You do not need to be a WordPress expert, PHP developer, or social media maven to understand the material discussed in this book. However, having a firm grasp on WordPress basics and social networking sites is beneficial.