Hey there fellow BuddyPresser – If you’re one of the people who’ve downloaded the Avenue K9, Darwin, Fishbook or Jukt Micronics themes, you’ve come to the right place. First, apologies for the lag on updating all those BP themes! I’ve been extremely busy pushing out my new WordPress book (along with other side projects). Second, yes, I’m still going to update each theme as time permits. Last, here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about these themes:

  • Yes, you can use my themes for free. As long as it’s on the WP repo, it’s a free-for-all deal =)
  • Yes, you can tweak any of the themes and you can also rename the theme and remove any attribution. Just remember to pay it forward when it comes to your project using open source software =)
  • I have no ETA on when my themes will be updated =( But the order of updates will be as follow: Fishbook, Darwin, Avenue K9, Jukt Micronics.
  • If you have any functionality issues despite having deactivated all plugins (only for testing purposes) with any of these themes, try deleting the functions.php file if one exists for any of those four themes. If you still have issues, try running the TwentyEleven theme to troubleshoot the issue.

Once again, sorry about the lag on the updates. BP looks like it will undergo some major changes again, so hopefully that will be for the better =)