What Monday Taught Me

Nope, not the actual day but rather the project management platform that I’ve been retargeted for. One of the little micro-interactions that sold me on trying it out was the color-coded task statuses in one of their video ads. Very neat feature. But… I’m cheap and I’m on the freebie PM tool that’s called Trello, which sort of kind of has a similar feature with their color-coded labels. Not as pretty but, hey, it works.

Short story long, I had no idea of the power of this color coding it would have of me completing certain tasks, but it’s actually quite satisfying, especially if you have 60-plus or so tasks at hand. The rainbow of colors that you’re greeted with is visually stimulating, anxiety-building yet equally motivating. My favorite part is when said rainbow turns into a field of greens … ahh yes, done, done and DONE! It’s a built-in reward mechanism that keeps you on track. And there goes your productivity hack of the day. Hakuna matata.