• Your site performs above average for male age 25-34

    Headline up there comes courtesy of Google Analytics, which you’ve also got set up on your site/app, hopefully, lest you love navigating in the dark. With that in mind, as it has become customary on this written stream of consciousness, here are some tidbits for you guys …

    • If you’re in that 25-34 age range and want to dip your toes into SaaS-land, get as close to the scene as possible … Silicon Valley if you can swing it.
    • If you’ve got a choice between more money up front + stability vs. bigger reward (financial/career/connections/etc.), take the latter.
    • Learn how to sell … lots of different approaches out there. Grant Cardone has dialed it down pretty well but his tactics aren’t for everybody.
    • Set goals where you want to be in 5 to 10 years from now (family, no family, X amount of businesses built/exited, etc.).
    • 10% toward your 401K … compound interest is no joke. Also, CDs with good rates can yield a higher return if you can swing the terms.
    • Sunscreen.

    There you go. Happy July Hump Day.


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