• 24 Notes on Instagram

    Not a thorough post… more like sticky notes…

    1. Growing from 0 to 100 feels like a slog
    2. Growing from 100 to 150 still feels like a slog
    3. When you’re near 200, going beyond feels really fast
    4. Growing to 350 feels like a lot of work
    5. Growing 50-100 users per week is doable provided you post regularly
    6. At 150 followers, you’ll start getting bombarded with tons of spam messages
    7. Growing at a good clip means 10-15 posts a day
    8. Posting fewer than 10 posts will lead to a net negative
    9. Posting more than 20-30 posts a day will yield a net positive
    10. Using the right hashtags will far beat out any posts with few and/or unpopular hashtags
    11. Definitely use more than 10 hashtags per post … 20-30 is ideal
    12. Posting original content at 20-30 posts/day if it’s not a full-time commitment will deplete you
    13. If you can’t post 20-30 original posts/day, #repost
    14. If you edit too many posts within a short time frame on the same day, expect captions to be disabled on your account the next day
    15. Most followers will thank you for a repost
    16. Some followers will promote you for a repost
    17. Posting in the mornings will yield more likes
    18. Getting into a posting rhythm is fun … if you can commit to the timesuck
    19. Posting on a large variety of topics will make a very time-consuming and arduous growth in followers
    20. Using the right niche hashtags makes all the difference
    21. Finding niche tags means following the hashtags rabbit hole
    22. After posting hundreds of pictures, you’ll notice the fragile and vapid existence of social media
    23. Everybody is doing the same thing, hence, all the spam
    24. #moodygrams are awesome
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