Admitting That You Suck

It takes guts to admit that you suck. Not in the sense that a lack in a certain proficiency is hard to admit to friends, family and/or colleagues … but in yourself. If you’re a “high achiever,” it’s a tough pill to swallow. Can you really achieve something at a high level, if you suck at something? On second thought, it’s more freeing, because you don’t have to be good at EVERYTHING.

I like to design and code, but there are much more seasoned designers and coders who are better than I am. While I could just go on that critical path again, which would inevitably lead me to the deep, deep rabbit hole that’s full of second-guessing, self-doubt and become demoralized that way, it’s just better to admit that I suck at (insert skill that “Needs Improvement”). After all, if you’re in constant motion and actually making things happen, it’s better than constantly rehashing those irrational thoughts.