Throttling Good Content

“Don’t create. Document.” These are some sage words from Gary Vaynerchuk. At its core, this advice is addressing the biggest problem any content creator (writer, photographer, videographer, etc.) will encounter — original content. Original content is something that you’ve somehow managed to create all on your own that is completely and utterly yours. You conjured something in your head, put it in writing or spliced pieces of video clips in your head and then made a go at it in (insert favorite video editor). But the end-result is an artistic expression, and no artist can go a full 100% all the time. That’s asking for an intellectual/emotional/physical burnout, or shingles.

When I wrote my book eons ago, I hadn’t written in years, so the content was just pouring out of me. When I started up this blog again, it was the same thing. I hadn’t typed any of my thoughts in years. Now that I’m starting to make take a full go at it again, I’ll share with you my oh-so grand plan: I am throttling good content. Yup. I can see how traffic is going on this site, thanks to good ol’ Google Analytics, and when I see that you’re starting to take a liking to it, you’ll also see an uptick in more interesting content. That is how you build content. It’s not 100% great 100% of the time. But it’s 100% consistent and that’s what matters.