Losing 10,000 Views … On Purpose

This one’s a one-liner: Upload a song to YouTube, let it gain traction to reach about 10K views, and then delete said video. Ok, let’s back up a little. About two years ago, I started uploading some songs to YouTube. Some of them gained traction while others didn’t, but it never bothered me. I wasn’t trying to become the next Majestic Casual, as much as I just wanted others to experience new sounds. Then, seemingly from out of nowhere, one alt-pop-rock track did really well and reached 10,000 views really fast. From there on, that one video started feeding views to other uploads. But it never felt quite right to me. Gaining so much momentum in such little time was about the equivalent to winning a game of War at a casino — just arbitrary. So, I deleted the video. Following that, I realized that another channel started copying some of the tracks I posted, so then I deleted those, too. And, somehow, throughout that process I learned that YouTube wasn’t going to be my thing, hence, I forged a path to building something that would be more of an extension of myself. And, somehow, that has turned into a fun hobby. Hakuna Matata.