Doing The Unscalable

When I started out populating content for Glossy Hooks, I had absolutely no idea how musicians would react to it… “Hey there – Do you mind if I post your track on my site where I mash it up with a giphy?” WTF, right? “First of all, what’s a giphy?” To my great amazement and surprise, 99% of all the artists I spoke to really liked it! Some even LOVED it! Sweeeeeeeet. But along Month 2, I hit a wall in my great stride of posting track after track: It was too difficult to scale!

The time it takes to 1) go on a digital crate hunt on Soundcloud and elsewhere on the web to find smaller artists, 2) find a giphy that translates well to the mood/tone/tempo of their track, and 3) ask for their permission to post it on Glossy Hooks was INTENSE! Not to mention, sometimes, there’d be a several-day lag between the initial contact and the written permission of using said track.

Rethinking the game plan: Keep doing what you do and slow down so you don’t burn out. It’s funny how easy it is to get impatient with growing traffic doing this and that when, really, putting down one foot in front the other is really what matters in the end game.