100 to 1,000 Users

Oh, statistics… so many ways to lie. When I went on a Medium reading binge the other day, my eyes scanned a line that caught a glimpse of some insightful words: (paraphrasing) Facebook reached 1 BILLION Daily Active Users, BUT that metric did not mean that they actually USED Facebook … some just authenticated/connected through Facebook on another website. Huh? That counts? Not exactly what I had in mind for active users.

The premise of the article dealt with knowing what type of metric to choose to measure against your business’ success. Ever since then, I’ve not paid as much attention to MAUs across my network of sites. So, it comes not to a big surprise that I wasn’t even fully aware of when I hit my 1,000 MAU mark, unlike that time when I reached my first 100 users. Somehow, even though I had 10X’ed the number over a short time, it didn’t feel as special. I suppose that’s just something you get used to with growth … you keep reaching for the next biggest goal which, for me, is 10,000 MAUs. Until then, thank you for reading and hakuna matata =)