Getting Rid of Life’s Annoyances

When I used to go to the dog park, I’d often talk to an older man, John, who’d always give me the latest rundown of his week’s life events, however mundane they were… talk to somebody often enough (I don’t care how interesting they are), at some time, the conversation will inevitably take a lull every now and then.

One time, John told me that we wanted to get rid of all of life’s annoyances. I wondered what? He said when looking through his window from his living room (or kitchen… I can’t remember), he’d look at a giant wood beam that held up his pergola. It was an eyesore, so he wanted to move the pergola beam about one foot over to get an unobstructed, crystal clear view of his backyard. Awesomesauce.

I look back fondly of that conversation because, lately, that has been my whole goal for content creation … getting rid of the all the annoyances. That’s been at the forefront of Glossy Hooks and Glossy Press, and I’ll write about that much more in-depth soon. Until then, I hope you figure out how to get rid of your life’s annoyances, too =)