Breaking 10,000 Plays On Soundcloud

As of this moment, I have 11,177 play racked up on Soundcloud, which sounds decent until you dive into the granular part of the stats. Given the whole story, this figure seem rather boring, considering the amount of plays breaks down in a nice 80/20 tier, which is the typical business breakdown of any customer. Eighty percent of folk are responsible for a nominal portion of your sucess, whereas, 20 precent are responsible for the bulk of it. In this case, there’s one track by Mike Milosh and J.Viewz that has garnered the attention of most of my listeners through Glossy Hooks. It’s interesting but also a bit of snoozefest. The takeaway from this is that I’m glad that there are others who can appreciate this chillout-type music and that’s all I’ve ever wanted from this side project =)