The Quick Litmus Test

There are so many analytical SaaS apps out there that the search for the perfect tool can itself downright lead to “analysis paralysis”. Analytics are great and I like to use them, because I find data fun to read. But every so often, I can easily get lost in the granularity of it. After all, for every one of those insights you get through one of those tools, there is yet ANOTHER tool that will let you test your hypotheses against it! It’s so easy to go down that rabbit hole.

What I’d like to remind you, and myself (this blog is turning a bit more into a self-reflection/public “note to self”), of is that you’ll always want to take a step back and just look at the big picture. Keep it simple… stick to your main metrics. Hell, you don’t even NEED fancy analytical tools to start out! If you’re a blogger, just see how many comments you get. If you’re a photographer, see how many likes you get on Instagram. If you’re a videographer, see how many views you get on YouTube.  Nothing too fancy, but it’ll give you a quick litmus test on whether you’re on track or not.