The Secret of Content Creation

“Content is king.” “Original Content is King.” “Contextual Content is King.” “Distribution is King.” “Frequency is King.” All those are very true and very important. Follow any marketer around for a while and, sure enough, he/she will iterate those true sentiments. Here’s the kicker, the secret of content creation, that’s almost always left out: you HAVE to be good at something. If you’re not, all you’re doing is just rehashing what someone else has already said, and nobody wants to listen to a broken record … especially, if you’re rehashing someone popular without proper attribution. That’s a tough pill to swallow, because that requirement will kick anyone in the nutter if he/she isn’t at a particular stage of his/her career, where he/she can talk about (insert favorite subject) at an in-depth level.

Being good at something requires time, effort, patience and persistence — none of that is particularly appealing to people who just want to instantaneously dominate a particular sector. It also comes in the form of making a ton of mistakes — again, not something particularly appealing — and then learning from them … and, possibly, teaching others how to avoid said mistakes. All of these tidbits can make up for some great content, and it’s at the very root of why the most successful entrepreneurs are famous — they became great at something.