Find Your Platform

Casey Neistat: Youtube. Seth Godin: Typepad. Kim Kardashian: Instagram. All these people are popular on their respective platforms, because that’s where they thrive. Ask any marketer how you should promote yourself, the answer will inevitably be “social media” … all of them. Go all in all the time. It’s great advice if you’ve got that kind of bandwidth but terrible advice if you don’t.

Each platform is unique, which means each content piece ought to be unique, which really means you’re quadrupling your workload just for the sake of promoting yourself. Nevermind measuring the ROI on using your bullhorn throughout all these platforms. The thought alone is cringeworthy, but something you will absolutely have to do at one point or another — more on that in another post.

A good starting point for anyone who is trying to get their feet wet and trying to get a good rhythm going is by figuring out the TYPE of platform that feels the most effortless. That is to say, what do you like to do that doesn’t feel like work? Writing a sentence? Taking an awesome picture? Editing a bunch of video footage? Once you can figure that one out, it’s pretty straight-forward to go from there. Once you’ve done the content creation with enough frequency and it feels like it’s just pouring out of you, you can spend more time cross-promoting it across other mediums.