0 to 100 Users

When I initially created Glossy Hooks a few years ago, it started out as a completely different idea — make a marketplace for musicians to sell stems. Little did I know that Splice.com had already cornered that market. And little did I know what you actually needed to make a marketplace like that actually thrive!

Glossy Hooks took a backseat for a year, after a baby addition to the lovely fambam, and later remerged as something more fun — a music blog. It was something I loved sharing with others and something that I loved talking with artists about. When that happened, I went from just a few users a month to a few more a week to several a day, without ever having really promoted it. That feeling is immense — organic growth. It touches on something that Gary Vaynerchuk keeps saying… I’d rather have 100 users who are completely engaged with me over 1,000 users who don’t give a crap (paraphrasing here)