Writing Is Like Instagramming

There’ve been a few times when I thought about starting up this blog again, but then I didn’t. It’s a huge commitment. If it doesn’t become this regular thing, then you’ve pretty much cannibalized your own efforts… your own time — I don’t have too much of that to waste these days. So then it really became a question of do I have anything worthy to say? And can I say a lot of things at great frequency?

I thought about how I liked to Instagram and why I liked it so much. Instagram is easy. At its core, all it requires is flicking your finger two times — select or take a picture and click to post. Done. Yes, you can spend more time by adding hashtags and whatnot, but really… the minimal requirement for getting your content out on that platform is dead-easy. Writing is no different.

If you can form a sentence, that’s all you have to do — subject-verb-object, done. Everything else that’s preventing you from writing are the details. In Instagram world, those would be writing the perfect caption, finding the most targeted hashtags, adding location details, etc. And they’re all distractions. So if you’re reading this and you’re thinking to yourself “I should start writing again,” then do it. Form your sentence and put it out there. Forget the polish and reintroduce it when you’ve got a good rhythm going. Hakuna Matata.