Pace Yourself

If you’re scrolling around on YouTube, Instagram or (insert favorite social network), you’ll undoubtedly run into “inspirational” and/or “motivational” content that will either make you think, “I need to do more of this” or “I can’t do any of this”. If you’re part of the latter, it’s likely because, when you observe this latest trend of motivational content, it’s such a huge barrage of content that creating a library like that for your own niche seems unrealistic. All that stuff takes time, right?? Where’s all this time going to magically appear from?! That mindset will stifle yourself. Instead, start out small. Pace yourself. Find a good rhythm and go from there. It’s the same principle as getting in shape. When you start, nobody expects you to run a fast (however you want to define “fast”) mile… just get to the finish line and improve incrementally.