One-Minute Readings

As I’ve hunkered down to spit out a few posts, what I’ve come to notice is that with each post, it gets easier and quicker. It feels like riding a bike, which you haven’t ridden in a long time. It’s a little uncomfortable, at first, but then inevitably your muscle memory kicks in, balancing becomes easier, and soon you’re unaware that it’s been a while since you last rode that bike.

Figuring out your commitment level to your thing (whatever it may be) is an experimental process. Originally, I started out with committing to three posts a week. Several weeks into it, I was able to granulize that commitment down to one-minute readings. Two short paragraphs and off the post goes. A few times into it, there were some weeks that weren’t particularly conducive to writing anything at all, but remembering that everything in aggregate will amount to something, I figured it’s okay to skip a post here or there rather than forcing myself to pump something out. A few months into it and it’s easier than ever. Your mileage may vary.