I Keep A List

I keep a list of all things I want to remember, because my mind goes off-tangent in about a gazillion-and-a-half different directions, when I see something that inspires me. That list keeps me in focus and, in the early days when I was a reporter for a daily newspaper, I’d keep a sheet of paper next to my bed. Oftentimes, something would pop into my head in the wee hours of the late night, just as I was about to doze off, and I’d get an idea that I’d scribble onto that very sheet before I’d forget about it in the morning.

My MacBook Pro shipped with a fun, little app called Notes, which has become my replacement sheet of sorts, when collating that list with the many ideas I have roaming in my head. One of those lists is tied to this site. It’s a collection of topics that spurs my imagination for something fun to write. If I’m overdue for another blog post, you’ll see me click on that list and pick one of a dozen topics I’ve queued up at any given time. Instead of looking at a blank text box that’s prompting me to come up with enough content to fill up a blog post, I get to glance at a list of topics that I actually care and want to write about. Good times, right? If you’re stuck in “creator’s block land,” start your own list and see where that takes you. Until then, feel free to peruse around this site. Hakuna Matata.