Internet Sharpie Pen

Following up on the mindset that everything you’ve thought of has already been done before, here’s another two-cent contribution from yours truly: pretend that anything you write online is written in a Sharpie pen — it’s permanent! It’ll always be there unless you’re proactive about what you share first and foremost.

If you followed the Zuckerberg debacle, err, “testimony” you probably heard the same thing over and over and over and over again — data breach is a no bueno and let’s just blame everything, privacy, et al. on Facebook. Millions of peoples’ data have been compromised. True. Kind of. Zuckerberg repeatedly said there are tools already in place to customize who can see what and how you can share data. Those tools have been there for a long time. I even used them to a certain degree, but… here’s the inconvenient truth: all that customizable sharing is a massive PITA and that’s probably a big reason why hardly anyone goes through such extraordinary lengths. But is that the reason we should point the finger at the technology? Do you blame your gym trainer that you’re overweight when he’s telling you what to do and you ignore his/her suggestions? Food for thought I suppose.