BuddyPress vs. Elgg: Avatars

Created a new account and uploaded a pic during the signup process. Once I got to the avatar section, the dashed cropping selection was somehow stuck in the upper left corner instead of the actual picture. Proceeded to drag marquee toward the picture, but it jumped right back upon release of the dragging. Pressed enter instead to make the selection disappear and got a funny cropped picture instead.

Next, I tried to edit my avatar by uploading a new pic (different file & filename), which gave me the nifty selection box on top of the picture — yes! Made the necessary adjustments to the marquee to make a specific selection on said new pic, pressed the crop and upload button and… nothing — no! Went through this process with varying steps twice and still to no avail. Cannot edit my avatar. Lovely.

Elgg: 1
BuddyPress: 0

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  1. The cropper problem is known about, will be fixed this week.

    You couldn’t change your avatar to a new one? When you hit the final crop button, did it load to the next page? What exactly happened? I just changed my with no problems.

  2. Alright, so I figured out what happened and what I did wrong last night. First of all, I didn’t play close attention to the Main vs. Alternate avatar headings, so I kept thinking it didn’t register my cropping the first time — maybe if the words “Main” and “Alternate” were bolded or in a different color that’d help. Then again, I was pretty tired last night. Second, I did manage to change my Main avatar, but when I wanted to crop my uploaded pic for the Alternate one the second time around, it didn’t work; it just stuck with the first cropped version. I tried deleting the avatar, but it didn’t do anything (on that note, it’d be real helpful to enable the delete button, which would revert to the Mystery Man icon or whatever). Having scanned through some of the forums during the last days, I remembered someone writing that he/she changed the filename of the uploaded pic. Sure enough, that did the trick and cropping both avatars worked. Now if this is a caching related issue that can’t be solved easily, my recommendation would be to put up a notice above the crop/submit button.

  3. It helps to state the browser you were using to do this. The cropper behaves differently in different browsers. I know I had problems in Opera…

  4. Ah crap, I always assume people have the same browsers as me, haha. I tried IE7, FF2 & 3. Did manage to get it working though… it was partly my mistake in not reading the headers for the two avatars.

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