How one tweet exemplified Twitter's WOM

Hey World Wide Web! It’s the self-proclaimed EDM-head here, and I’d like to share will all you lovely folks, briefly, how any tweet can garner even the most surprising new site visits via word-of-mouth (WOM). I was going back through my tweets, as I do occasionally, when I noticed that Kaskade had re-tweeted one of my tweets mentioning him.

Shameless self-promotion? Sure. Awesome? Definitely! If you’re into the club/dance scene, you’ll appreciate this pleasantly surprising factoid. But I dare not stop here! Kaskade actually went on to RT 10 more of my tweet! Kidding. Moving on to example numero dos: I’ve gotten a handful of visits to my site because of 1 other tweet: “You don’t know about real loss, ’cause it only occurs when you’ve loved something more than you love yourself.” It’s from the cult favorite movie Good Will Hunting. Apparently, people have searched for it and found my site. Do I think you should start tweeting lots of random movie quotes? Of course not! But tweets and re-tweets like these just go to show how quickly one of your tweets can influence and/or cause some traffic spikes. Good times.

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