Wearing Weird

There’s a book called The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck and I always thought to myself, “Catchy title… but how can you stretch out that phrase and write a book about it?” Turns out, it’s possible somehow by chopping it up into nine chapters on introspection, existentialism and motivation. At least, that’s what it looks like by the Table of Contents.

You see that profile picture up there above on my homepage? Right now, I’m sporting some spunky colors while looking like a clash between hipster and Andy Warhol, thanks to some quick and dirty Photoshopping. Totally not what I’m going for, but you know what? I’m not giving a fuck … and it’s not so subtle. It’s grabbing your attention and that’s all I need. You’re here fiddling around with things on this site and spending everso much more time on here, while my GA tracker is letting me know how I can improve my engagement on the various parts of this site. Cool, huh? Try it out… wear something weird and see where that conversation takes you — with a stranger.