Make It Your Bookmark

So here’s a little trick I deploy when creating content: I bookmark/like/favorite things. In fact, my browser is chalk-full of things I’ve bookmarked. Each of those bookmarks might not be completely earth-shattering, but they’ll usually initiate some train of thought. Also, I don’t bookmark/like/favorite things and then immediately write afterward. Sometimes, I’ll go back to a bookmark from a year ago, which will jog my memory a bit and then inspire me to write something (good or bad).

If you decide to go on a bookmarking binge, you’ll be surprised at the huge array of topics that will interest, inspire or motive you. If you’ve hit that proverbial “creative block,” pick your top three favorite bookmarks and start typing — whichever is the easiest to write about is that one that goes up online, while the other two can be saved for the next round. Content = Done!