The Cause

Today we live in a media-saturated, Internet-connected, cell-phone-equipped world in which everything that happens anywhere is instantly available everywhere. We are assaulted by images and stories of human tragedy and suffering, 24/7. International aid organizations broadcast their messages constantly via the Internet and other media outlets, providing convenien "on-ramps" for those who want to help but don't know how. Lack of awareness is no longer an issue. And yet ony about 4 percent of all U.S. charitable giving goes to international causes of any kind. We have become detached and repeated images of poverty and adversity that bombard us. In fact, our apathy has even earned its own term: compassion fatigue. We now have the opportunity not only to see those in extreme poverty but also to help them.

The Effect

For most of the poorest people in the world, their hard work doesn't matter. They are trapped within social, cultural, political, and economic systems that do not reward their labor. The result of this entrenched futility is devastating to the human spirit. A person, no matter how gifted or determined, cannot escape the trap in which he finds himself. He has lost the one thing that every person needs to thrive: hope -- hope that he will somehow overcome his circumstances, that tomorrow can be better than today, and that his children might someday have a better life than his. Such people discover that they are in an economic and social prison from which there is no escape -- unless something happens to change their circumstances and to restore the link between their effort and their reward.

How You Can Help

By purchasing the Hope child theme for the Carrington Business theme framework, you're actively helping communities in developing countries by supplying them with the basic necessities we take for granted everyday -- clean water, food, an education. All proceeds (100%) from this theme will go directly to World Vision.


Because everybody deserves at least the most basic necessities in life. Thinking about how many water faucets are in and outside of your home, how would you feel if you only had one -- that spewed dirty water. It's a sad fact of life but one that can be changed, starting today. And if you're a WordPress fanboy/girl, then this child theme is definitely for you.

Requirements: WordPress 3.0+, Carrington Business Theme | Things that’ll make it even prettier: Basic TypeKit subscription