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Call-to-Action 101: Why they’re important and how to use them

Would you like to increase your readership? How about boosting downloads for your latest white paper or newly-launched digital product? The secret to success sometimes lies in the obvious. While you may have placed a sign-up field for your newsletter or added a new product to your e-commerce site, your job as a content marketer doesn’t […]

Why Hulk Sucks…

This is a funny excerpt from the March 19, 2012 issue of TIME magazine’s 10 Question series, which featured Stan Lee, the legendary co-creator of Spider-Man, X-Men and Thor.

Baby Secrets

There’s a new tutorial on this site and it’s all for newbie parents — How to Calm a (Newborn) Baby! Since I’ve been there (and still am a newbie dad myself), I can entirely vouch for all the suggestions mentioned in that post.

Flower Power

I’m working on a WordPress book and part of that work includes creating a cover picture. And what better a picture to use than that of my newborn daughter’s name?

G+ Rant and Amazon Criticism

This post originally appeared on G+, then was taken down, then was reposted by somebody else, so here’s another copy in case that copy gets scrapped on G+. Comments, trackbacks and pingbacks are disabled to prevent trolling.

This is what I do for a living…

Ain’t she a beauty? Why, yes she is! She even ships with a 978 grid system. Awesomesauce. And who woulda thunk, it all started with this MockFlow wireframe… Wanna check out the crazy PSD file? Of course you do! Download me. And check out the final HTML/CSS along with a Phase 2 re-design (which, sadly, never made […]

Rant of the Week: Joomla vs. WordPress

So I had initially attempted to post the message below to this forum but as soon as I hit Submit, it took me to an empty forums page which had some options on where else I could find info for Joomla. Awesome. Just what I wanted. Case in point, if you’re interested in the […]

prog house mixdown in progress…

So this is my valiant attempt at a progressive house continuous mix/podcast with several new tracks that recently came out. It’s not done yet and really rough (ie. volume spikes like crazy towards the end) but at least you can work out to it =P Download MP3 [audio:mk-mixdown.mp3]

this is what happens when…

i’m running 2 VPNs, 3-4 FTP connections, 1-2 chat clients, tweetdeck, 5-6 programs with 5-6 windows per program all day… fried motherboard. long live Dell Tech Support guy Barry who came to the rescue the next day. go Barry, go!