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Hark! The heralded boom boxes sing

Phil Kline is no technophile. He doesn’t own an iPod, even though he was involved in marketing the shuffle. He doesn’t own a TiVo because he doesn’t watch TV. And forget the Blackberry. In fact, he could almost be a technophobe by today’s standards if it weren’t for pioneering and orchestrating what he calls an […]

Alagia has a sound system for producing stars

Georgetown graduates make trial motions, not hit records. Tell that to John Alagia, and he’ll laugh out loud, because he’s been the technical mastermind behind nearly a dozen hit singles. In fact, you can dub him the alt-pop answer to hip-hop magnate (and Grammy-winning recording artist) Kanye West. Both grew up in the Midwest, majored […]

Foursome’s indie hip-hop label aims for stars

‘Filipino-Mexican rap label” may induce eyebrow raising, followed by a genuine look of befuddlement. But four local twentysomethings are determined to break hip-hop conventions through their South Psycho Cide Productions, an independent record label, based in Spring Valley. With EMI, Warner Bros., BMG, Sony and Universal dominating the recording industry, launching a profitable indie label […]

The working class

When musicians flaunt their favorite pair of jeans in a TV spot, you know they’ve made it. Until that time, however, they’re usually struggling to book shows, make this month’s rent or car payments and balance rehearsal time with a day job. Consider this: A live show only brings in $300 per band member. And […]

Re-writing Unwritten Law

Somewhere in New York, Unwritten Law’s manager is booking a bunch of press junkets. An interview with the once Poway-based band has to be scheduled nearly two weeks in advance because the group has appearances slated for Fuse, MTV and “The Tonight Show.” After having been thrown back into the limelight following a two-year hiatus, […]