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Tell me about yourself…

As the number of people getting a BuddyPass is growing, I’d like to find out who I’m talking with, so that I’ll know how “techie” I can get as far as code lingo goes. So without much further ado, I’d like you to tell me a bit about yourselves! [poll id=”6″] [poll id=”7″] [poll id=”8″] […]

Color swatches for Gates and more polls!

Hello, hello everyone – There aren’t too many things left for the brown Gates theme, so I’d like to start on the dark version of it. I have a few colors in mind for this, so I came up with some swatches I’d like you to vote on. Additionally, there are two more polls below, […]

First BuddyPass Poll

A few words before you jump into this poll… the idea behind BuddyPass and BuddyPack can be likened to a clothing store’s fresh line-up vs. its outlet store. You guys are getting the items models strut with on a runway, and you get to work with the tailor. That’s why there’s a paywall to get […]

my BuddyPress site finally launched…

if you like dogs, you’ll appreciate the niche in which BP was used to create the latest add-on for Log onto and “join the pack,” as we say. if you’re on Facebook, you’re already a member. Accompanying post is here… If you like the BP theme, you can download it on the […]

AvenueK9 BuddyPress Theme

BuddyPack Light, a set of child themes for BuddyPress 1.2, is available for download here. It’s finally done. The first incarnation of AvenueK9’s BuddyPress theme is hot off the keyboard and available for download/hackery. It’s far from perfect… and just before I started styling the BP home theme, I already started getting ideas for a […]

BuddyPress vs. Elgg: Installation

It’s a been a while since I last touched this blog series, but BP’s been in sort of a stall with a bunch of features and tweaks that have been added over the course of the last several months, so I really wanted to wait till 1.0 comes out… but from the looks of things, […]

BuddyPress vs. Elgg: Which one to choose now?

If everybody wanted to build a social networking site and was completely satisfied with the way BuddyPress ships right now (while still in beta stage), there wouldn’t be any need for Elgg. In fact, there probably wouldn’t have been an Elgg 1.1 or 1.2. Yet for many semi-/demi- cut-n-paste web developers, er, designers the inevitable […]

BuddyPress vs. Elgg: Development/Support Community

As many of you out there have noticed, when it comes to (hosted) Social Networking communities, you really only have two-and-a-half solutions: 1) BuddyPress, 2) Elgg and 3) Boonex/Dolphin. Clearly, this blog is titled “BuddyPress vs. Elgg” with no mentioning of Dolphin even though it has been in development for some time. Here’s why: If […]